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Case Study

On our export site we provide a case study for the British company,

Remote Controlled Lighting, RCL

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However this was not just a sales and marketing operation. As part of our work various product adjustments and approvals were also necessary.

Voltage and Frequency

Japan is the only major market to use a 100V mains electricity supply.

In addition the frequency of the domestic supply depends on location. In the Kanto region (including Tokyo) it is 50Hz whereas in Kansai (Osaka) it is 60Hz.

This had various effects on hardware and software.

Denan Law and Approvals

All Electrical items must be shown to pass specific domestic approvals criteria. These are embodied in two types of PSE marking Diamond PSE for “specified items” and Circle (Maru) PSE for non-specified.  Only the precise details of a product will inform what approvals are required and placement of key items in the design layout can result in cheaper, faster approvals.

For more detailed information on Japanese electrical safey (DENAN) law, see: