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Because the barrier to entry to social media is so low there is a lot of associated noise even though in principle these modern methods can be more targetted.

Twitter has gained a particular interest with businesses due to the ability to actively message followers and also seek further people with interest.

However this is not always the case. For example, some companies follow others simply because they hope the person or company will reciprocate. In general we feel that this is a weak strategy because once followed, the company does not realistically read the messages

Retail-focused Accounts

Here are some companies and individuals on Twitter including BMW, Uniqlo, Walkers crisps (UK, Pepsi group),  MINI (USA), Muji

Outlier: Muji Shop

Lots of followers but also seem to follow anything. Does somebody at Muji really read and enjoy 150,000 news feeds?

Outlier: Paul McCartney

Followed by 750,000 people but only follows three feeds, two of which are his own.

Walkers Crisps






Regulated Industries

Here are a set of companies from a single industry. In comparison to retail the pharmaceutical sector is highly regulated. Even products are rarely advertised directly to the end-user in certain countries so it is particularly interesting to analyse usage of social media for this subset

Does not follow anyone

Only started March 2012

Less selective at who they follow

Analysing Noise

Analysing a set of followers and associated activities for even a single company would take time. Therefore to observe general trends a different approach is required. We use a variety of analytical techniques to understand key trends.

Below is a site whose branding makes it look like the home for a major multinational, even though cursory reading would clearly show it not to be. Astonishingly even this site is followed by several, some claiming to be sector specialists. Take a look.


It’s the DaiichiSankyo official global site. The company have been sensible to reserve their names on social media despite not utilising the medium over two years. Of more interest to us is those 1755 followers who must be eagerly awaiting that first message.

Another unofficial site, this time for UCB. Only 7 followers. As a business, would you really want to be an expert following a non-official site?

of those they are following. If companies don’t read messages of those they are following, it is logical that they are similarly not being read by their followers. This area is more akin to advertising. You can send out a message but you have no guarantee that it will reach the right people.

We have a strong background in analytics and this can be applied to social media to learn about the varied approaches being adopted and highlight what we believe to be strong and weak approaches.

Brand Protection

MINI USA do not follow many. But you may get a surprise to see 10 of the 49 that they followed when the account was first established. Somehow we doubt the selection was approved by MINI.