Feeling Lost?

Social Media is a growing means of communication.

There is good use and bad use.

We help companies to define a strategy appropriate to their needs

We all remember great adverts. And we remember terrible ones too.

But for most, details are forgotten fairly quickly. Constant activity maintains awareness

Social media is no different


The elements of social media are very simple, yet they get confused in the hype surrounding the area.

At their core, social media technologies have similarities with direct mail, email, advertising, web sites and billboards.

The part that potentially makes them social media and hence more powerful, is the opportunity for conversations to start and be magnified by the groups of people and take a life of their own.

Twitter has captured the the eyes of the business market because it can transmit information directly to individuals

Succeeding with social media is no different to any other approach. You need to define your target audience and make the interaction fund and relevant. If you are a niche business you do not need 100,000 followers, you just need to reach the people you want with the message you want.

We are here to help you succeed. Take a look at the examples on this web site and then contact us.

Information typically transmitted by companies include:

  1. 1)Press releases

  2. 2)Public Relations

However, the number times that information sent by a company spreads into an active social media discussion is fairly low, usually because the content is not sufficiently interesting.

As with all media, the challenge is that there are still only 24 hours in a day so they are competing for readership. You can transmit as many messages you want and to who you want, but they will only be picked up if the recipient has interest.