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It’s a competitive market. The key for success is to embrace the general concept of a personality, whether it be a individual (which is how most social media started) or a brand or company.

Successful advertising makes a personality out of a product and so should social media. But social media initially requires more active participation than simply watching an advert on the TV so there is a larger barrier to overcome. If you succeed, there is more chance your message will be passed on.

The Individual

If you’re using social media for fun, you just want to target your friends. You’ll like lots of things and reference them all with reasonable frequency. As a recipient your daily responses will depend on:

  1. Your own ideas

  2. Your friends views

  3. Businesses you have already associated how they interact with you

If you’re on this web site you’re probably a company but you are still targeting individuals.

  1. Who are you Targeting?

  2. What sort of individual are you targeting?

Are you targeting them about something they do at work or something they do in their free time?

Does their work cross over with their down time or are they more likely to keep both functions separate?

Target Readership

Companies adopting social media must decide whether what their target reader is. If you’re selling photocopier paper, your reader is less likely to be interested on a Sunday afternoon unless you do something really special.

Then you need to sort out your own interaction is as a company. Are you going to interact as a product or a company, or both (in which case they should be separated out).

If you are a food company, the chances are that you have strong brands, but the average customer might not know that you make them.  Similarly you may or may not want users to know who makes their favourite brand.

We help companies to consider all these issues and more upfront allowing a proper plan to be built.


Here is a high selling hair product made by the world’s 20th largest company (source FT.com 2011). On that basis 3907 followers in 2012 is small. And what is the profile of the 4288 they are following?

Sites like this could do with improved definition. Are people interacting due to a campaign associated with the product. Or is this primarily a way to find out more on a product, such as particular ingredients if you think you might have an allergy.

See latest data here: https://twitter.com/HeadShouldersUK